Cataract Surgery Cost in Seawoods Navi Mumbai

What is the Cataract Surgery cost in Seawoods Navi Mumbai?

The exact cataract surgery cost depends on the hospital and the cataract surgery type.  Hence, before getting to its actual expenditure and process, let us understand Cataract and its types and what services does Eyemax Super Speciality Eye Centre offers.

What is Cataract?

Normal eye has a crystalline lens made up of protein which is transparent like a glass. It is made up of proteins. Crystalline lens together with cornea helps in focusing the light on the retina. Cataract is loss of transparency of the crystalline lens. Depending on the degree of opacification it is classified into variety of grades of cataract. It starts with immature cataract to mature cataract. Depending on its appearance and area involved, it is classified into various types of cataract

What are the symptoms of CATARACT?

Loss of clarity of vision

When the eye lens develops a cloudy film, light cannot get back to the retina. This causes vision loss. Cataracts are caused by genetic, injury, disease, sun exposure, injury and advanced age.

Blurred vision for distance or reading

Blurry vision is the loss of sharpness of eyesight, making objects appear out of focus and hazy.

Experiencing glare during night driving

If you’ve noticed any changes in your eyesight, such as halo effects, blurred, dim, or cloudy vision, or increased glare, they could be early symptoms of cataract


Most common cause for cataract is advancing age. Diabetes, certain eye diseases like uveits, injury to the eye and intake of steroids for treatment of other disease can also cataract at an earlier age. Rarely cataract can present at birth.


Simple slit lamp biomicroscope examination done by an eye specialist can confirm the presence of cataract. Application of dilating drops before examination aids in diagnosis earliest stages of cataract. Dilating drops also helps in diagnosing other ailments of the eye including disorders of retina, optic nerve including glaucoma.


Age related cataract is usually due to change in the protein structure in the crystalline lens due to oxidative damage which is hastened by the ultraviolet light exposure over years. Age related cataract is not preventable. However diabetes related cataract can be prevented or delayed by keeping the blood sugar under control. Most of the cataract is irreversible due to permanent change in the quaternary structure of the protein in crystalline lens.

So what will be the Cataract Surgery cost in Seawoods Navi Mumbai?

We hope that by now you might have an idea that before deriving the cataract surgery cost in seawoods navi mumbai or any where in India, requires a proper diagnosis and examination first. as after these process we can derive the type of cataract and its severity.

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